Mobile Talent in High Demand: Impact & Analysis

According to a recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association, jobs in mobile advertising are rising by around 40 per cent year-on-year in the US, with around 1.4m expected to be employed in the sector in the US by the end of 2015. The same study claims that around 70 jobs are created for every […]

2 Big Changes in the Agency Talent Landscape [Video]

Talent is moving from agencies to brands, not just between agencies As brands take on more of an agency role themselves, it’s caused a lot of concerns in the agency world. Many agencies are adjusting to the new reality that some brands want to conduct business themselves and desire to be their own advocates. Due […]

Power Shift: Dealing with a Candidate-Driven Market

Welcome to H2-2015: How the Tables Have Turned! As the economy continues to rebound and the employment supply-demand landscape evolves for specialized talent, power is clearly shifting back in favor of candidates. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Job seekers hold more power than employees, a trend that seems to be deepening.” The HBR’s Recruiter […]

One Approach to Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap

Back in March, Capital One announced it will focus $150 million in community grants and initiatives over the next five years to help empower more Americans to succeed in an ever-changing, digitally-driven economy. With its new Future Edge initiative, Capital One will collaborate with leading educational and community organizations across the country to address areas […]

True Costs of a Mis-Hire

The cost of a mis-hire goes far beyond the operational inconvenience many perceive it to be. How so? Well, studies indicate that a “mis-hire” can cost companies three times the annual salary of the individual. Why does this happen? According to Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of mis-hires are caused by bad hiring decisions and […]

Top 6 Turnoffs for Candidates

Poor talent recruitment practices and hiring processes will often deter the best candidates from applying for an open position or otherwise engaging with a recruiter in your company’s search for its next star performer.  You know it (or at least you should) and we know it. Human capital may well be viewed as the most […]

5 Industries Transforming with the Chief Digital Officer Role

INTRODUCTION There is a new kid sitting at the C-suite table. Organizations have acknowledged that traditional management will not necessarily translate to success in the current digital landscape, thus there is a critical need to cultivate new structures to in order to ensure growth and brand longevity. Initially, the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer […]

Maintaining Your Brand Promise While Recruiting

Marketing 101 taught us that a brand is a promise; a faithful and timeless representation of an organization’s values and commitment to its stakeholders. Many consider that such a promise is applicable only to the customer base, but in truth, it extends to business partners, shareholders, communities, candidates and employees. Recruitment and brand integrity: it’s […]

Virtual Matchmaker: Dating & Recruiting in the Digital Age

How scouting online to fill your company’s talent needs is eerily similar to finding your significant other through popular dating sites and apps. As the harsh glare of Valentine’s Day finally fades away from our Twitter and Facebook feeds, let’s not rejoice, for the painstaking task of finding our perfect match lives on in the […]

Recruiting Reality Check: A New Classification of Candidate

Every now and again, we like to survey clients and candidates as well as analyze actual outcomes for purposes of providing insights to our digital talent community.  In this case, we wanted to take a deeper look into classifications of candidates and determine if there exists a clear advantage for one vs the other when […]