Digital Talent for Hire

If you are looking to add that next digital superstar to your permanent team, and have challenging requirements that are proving difficult to find and fill, Digital Talent Recruiters is standing by to assist you in identifying, qualifying and acquiring the ideal fit for your organization and its objectives.

Our professional recruiting services are offered on a contained search basis. We will work with you to:

  • Clarify and validate your needs in context of your business objectives;
  • Refine and align the job description and related requirements;
  • Conduct a highly targeted and time sensitive search;
  • Expertly aggregate and evaluate the pool of candidates;
  • Present only the top 10% of candidates for your consideration;
  • Conduct an efficient negotiation and candidate closing process

At Digital Talent Recruiters, we take a long-term view to the process of building relationships with our clients. As your business and market share grow, it is our sincere expectation that our relationship will expand based upon the high quality of service and value of results previously provided.

We look forward to discussing your specific needs and sharing our step-by-step approach for assisting you in achieving your talent acquisition and business enhancement objectives. To that end, please contact us at your earliest convenience.