5 Industries Transforming with the Chief Digital Officer Role

INTRODUCTION There is a new kid sitting at the C-suite table. Organizations have acknowledged that traditional management will not necessarily translate to success in the current digital landscape, thus there is a critical need to cultivate new structures to in order to ensure growth and brand longevity. Initially, the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer […]

Maintaining Your Brand Promise While Recruiting

Marketing 101 taught us that a brand is a promise; a faithful and timeless representation of an organization’s values and commitment to its stakeholders. Many consider that such a promise is applicable only to the customer base, but in truth, it extends to business partners, shareholders, communities, candidates and employees. Recruitment and brand integrity: it’s […]

Virtual Matchmaker: Dating & Recruiting in the Digital Age

How scouting online to fill your company’s talent needs is eerily similar to finding your significant other through popular dating sites and apps. As the harsh glare of Valentine’s Day finally fades away from our Twitter and Facebook feeds, let’s not rejoice, for the painstaking task of finding our perfect match lives on in the […]

Recruiting Reality Check: A New Classification of Candidate

Every now and again, we like to survey clients and candidates as well as analyze actual outcomes for purposes of providing insights to our digital talent community.  In this case, we wanted to take a deeper look into classifications of candidates and determine if there exists a clear advantage for one vs the other when […]

Disrupting Employment: 2014 Career Trends

The following was written and published by Gary Swart, CEO at oDesk. We wanted to share the post with you as it contains many outstanding, research-backed insights. That being said, we’re not entirely aligned with all statements put forth or conclusions derived. For example, and based upon our experience this year alone, we’ve come across […]

Staffing the Social Team [Infographic]

Given the ongoing budgetary challenges and headcount constraints faced by many online brands and businesses today, organizations oftentimes require their team members to wear many hats. While not explicitly stated in the infographic below, truly effective multitasking requires leadership to identify role synergies as might be found in merging PR and social content production functions […]

7 Tips for Lunch Interviews

As if preparing for that all-important job interview weren’t stressful enough, now you’ll be expected to perform in a professional manner while munching on a crispy chicken salad. How should you dress? What should you order? How will the conversation go? What about that presentation that you’ve spent days preparing? All good questions that we […]

Be Found: Build the Ideal LinkedIn Profile

As of June 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 225 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories. So, how do you plan stand out in that particular haystack? If that weren’t enough to cause you pause, consider the findings of a recent Bullhorn survey of 160,000 recruiters that indicate 97% of recruiters use […]

Six Tips for Skype Interview Success

While there is no substitute for an in-person meeting, video interviewing via Skype is the next best thing to being there. The prospective employer is able to gain more insights into the candidate than would be the case with a typical phone screen and the candidate, if properly prepared, can shine in the Skype spotlight. […]

What is a Contained Search?

Just the other day, we were asked to define a “contained” search by a prospective client. As always, we want to share key information such as this with the entire community. What is a Contained Search? A “contained” search represents a hybrid blend of a traditional contingency search (total fee collected only after placement of […]