2 Big Changes in the Agency Talent Landscape [Video]

Talent is moving from agencies to brands, not just between agencies

As brands take on more of an agency role themselves, it’s caused a lot of concerns in the agency world. Many agencies are adjusting to the new reality that some brands want to conduct business themselves and desire to be their own advocates. Due to this trend, we’re seeing marketers not just move from agency to agency like in the past, but jumping from agencies to brands to lead content, social, and mobile strategies at major companies, in-house. The propensity for brands to hire more agency talent means that agencies need to create new incentives to avoid losing people to the other side.

Vik Kathuria, global chief media officer at Razorfish speaks with iMedia about the key takeaways he has learned from the evolution of this landscape.

Talent needs multiple – not niche – skills sets and fluency

Agencies have to do more at a time where there’s the potential to do just about anything. Emerging marketing verticals are growing so fast that agencies have to focus on so many things: mobile, TV, wearable’s, social, native, content, and many more. Because of this, marketers can no longer claim to do just one thing. The age of the ‘digital guy’ or ‘mobile gal’ is over. These things now intertwine so much that you can’t be an expert in one without being thoroughly fluent in all. This is the kind of talent and the mindset that modern agencies are seeking.

Vik Kathuria, global chief media officer at Razorfish, ends our conversation by explaining why agency talent needs a wide range of specialty skills to be an indispensable asset.

Article courtesy of iMedia – written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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